The new way to train your restaurant staff.

Teachsnap is a mobile learning management system using the popular Story format.

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Train using Stories

Story is a slideshow of videos and photos. This simple format is extremely powerful for delivering training content.

Easy to record

Use the in-app camera to quickly shoot your instructions.

Step by step

Visually explain any task with just a few clips.

Mobile focused

Train at home, on the way to work, anywhere.

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Ready-to-go Stories

We know you are busy. That's why all the training content is already there. Just pick what you need.

Made with hospitality professionals.

You can be sure our Stories follow industry standards and will effectively train your staff.

Wide selection of topics.

Brewing coffee, making sushi and many more. We got you covered.

Added weekly.

We add more training content every week so make sure you check it out!

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Check out more features.

See all the ways we can help your organization grow.

Course Authoring

Snap your own training content in minutes with just your phone.

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Training Management

Check your employees progress anytime, anywhere.

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