10 steps of recording good Training Stories

10 steps of recording good Training Stories

1. Talk to your most experienced employees about the topic you’d like to show in the Training Stories.

Pick your most experienced employee. Have a talk about Training Stories you’d like to record. Ask them about the most important aspects of the topic and what is the best way to present it.

2. Write a script of your Training Stories.

Writing a script makes the whole process clear. It will be just a matter of glance, when you start recording Training Stories and forget what the next step is. Thanks to the written agenda, you will avoid unnecessary gestures and and mistakes, that could be confusing for your trainee later.

3. Make sure you won’t be disturbed while recording.

If you can, record Training Stories before or after closing. It’s very important that the scene is clear and there are no people walking in the shot, throwing a shadow, or even worse, nudging the people recording.

4. Clean your workspace.

Clean the space around you, so there aren’t any objects that would distract the eye. Unnecessary dishes or litter will be visually repelling and the Stories will be much less pleasant to watch.

5. Prepare everything you need for the demonstration.

Prepare all the items you will need during recording. They don’t have to be visible in the shot but it’s important that the person presenting the task won’t be looking for them during the demonstration. The Stories you’re shooting, have to be as clear and flawless as possible.

6. Turn the lights on or stand by the natural source of light.

he lightning is very important, as we want everything in the frame to be visible. Turn on the lights or turn to the source of natural light such as windows or doors. If it’s still a bit dark, use the desk lamp, to lighten up the recorded area.

7. Go to your app and make sure that your lens is clean.

Take a piece of paper or fabric and clean the lens, so the video is the best quality possible. Then, turn on the app.

8. Record the process.

With your trusted employee, record the Training Stories according to the script. If you think that a certain part needs a retake - do it. The Stories will serve you for a long time, so it’s important that they’re clear and as good as they can be.

9. Add descriptions.

Add the description to the Stories. Insert the details that the video didn’t cover or clarify some parts of the training.

10. It’s done! You’re all good!

Now you can invite your employees to use the app and enjoy mobile training.

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