5 most effective ways to train new employees with Teachsnap

5 most effective ways to train new employees with Teachsnap

Are you looking for effective ways to train your employees? Have you been wondering if there are tools that could help you with this challenging task? Great! You are more than welcome to the article below; we will share with 5 most effective ways to train employees with our Teachsnap mobile app. Are you ready?

Tip 1: Plan your staff training according to the needs of a specific group

In Teachsnap, you can adjust the Training Stories to your employees’ needs - baristas, waiters, kitchen help, etc. Our mobile learning management system allows you to assign appropriate training videos to a given group; in this way, each employee can only see videos dedicated to them. You can be sure that your content is safe in our application, only people whom you give access to, can see it.

Tip 2: Take advantage of the technology

LMS is a known and popular solution among restaurateurs. We decided to make this system more accessible to owners and employees by going mobile. Every employee has Training Stories on their smartphones, so they can reach for a reminder if they forget how to perform a particular activity or at home to practice the task before the next day at work. A mobile app is the most efficient solution to train your millennial staff because it keeps them engaged. They would love the Story-like format of staff training.

Tip 3: Record Training Stories about your organization's culture

The team leader’s task is to make sure that employees provide high-quality service and to keep staff motivated. Research says that employees are usually much more motivated and satisfied with their work when they know and understand the goals and values ​​of their company. That’s why you should extend your training plan for these aspects. Share your brand’s values and talk about your reasons behind it. You can easily use our mobile app for this.

Tip 4: Watch your team's progress

At each stage of the process, check whether your training is effective and whether employees acquire the necessary skills. In Teachsnap, you can create quizzes with which you can test what skills your employees need to improve on and what training they have to repeat. Automatically prepared reports will give you some insights into the effectiveness of your instructions and allow you to draw appropriate conclusions.

Tip 5: Create content once and use it again and again

According to 2019 research, staff turnover rate in the restaurant industry is at an all-time high of 75% in U.S. It can dramatically reduce the level of service in your restaurant. Luckily, using Teachsnap, you can train your new employees much faster. Creating the Training Stories once, you save time and money. All content is protected and available only to the people you share it with. You’re the only person deciding who sees your videos.

Your employees are your greatest strength. Give them fun, satisfaction, and skills with Training Stories. Meet Teachsnap today and make it happen ✌🏼

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