How to create a better customer experience through LMS in hospitality industry?

How to create a better customer experience through LMS in hospitality industry?

In hospitality industry, the most important aspect related to the customer experience is staff training. Your employees are on the first line of contact with your clients, so they have to perform the tasks and present the right attitude. Today, 7 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they've spent more money to do business with a company that delivers excellent service. It's a strong argument to empower your customer service. This is clear.

We have several ideas you can easily implement to your restaurant with our mobile app. Read below, and boost your customer experience now!

Unification of service standards

Do you run a restaurant? Try to think about what happens when your chefs serve dishes differently? Or maybe you are the owner of a café? What if one of your baristas puts chocolate on the top of cappuccino and another doesn't? Every little thing has a significant impact on the experience your customer will have, after visiting your restaurant. If the service standards are always the same, you can be sure that every customer leaves your restaurant satisfied. Teachsnap would be helpful here. The solution is to capture perfect service rules and good practices with a built-in app camera and share it with your staff. Everyone gets the same training, so the service is perfectly unified.

Do's and Don'ts

Some actions can be intuitive for your staff but it may not always be the right behavior in hospitality industry. Show them how not to behave and enjoy high customer service ratings in the future. Many restaurateurs train their staff on how to perform their duties well, but they forget to identify the most common mistakes. Create Don'ts series in Teachsnap, which will help your employees understand their tasks better. You can help your employees avoid doing their job wrong.

Control of the training process

Thanks to the Teachsnap reporting feature, you have the opportunity to observe your employees in the training process. By knowing how they progress, you will have control over the customer experience in your restaurant. This will help you make decisions in crises - take action and change the training process if you see that it's ineffective.

Get to know your customers

Who knows your customers best? Your staff! Take advantage of it! Let your employees share their knowledge with the help of our mobile app. With Training Stories, they can share their good practices related to customer experience. Their ideas to remedy the problematic situation or answering your clients' needs can be valuable. An additional advantage of this task will be their satisfaction from sharing their own experience and sense of appreciation.

Teachsnap is an app that, thanks to its mobility, greatly facilitates team communication and knowledge sharing. It also makes it easier for managers to coordinate training and support their team in acquiring new skills. By a Story-like format, which is accessible and easy, you can train your team also with customer experience skills.

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