New training methods in the social media-focused era - why is Teachsnap effective?

New training methods in the social media-focused era - why is Teachsnap effective?

Teachsnap was created for people working in the hospitality industry and other services. The idea behind the app, is that it’s an easy and effective tool, not only for managers and employees, responsible for training new staff but also for the trainees themselves. The assumption wasn’t made without merit, especially when we look at the recipients of the training programs made in Teachsnap.

Young adults in the workplace

Hospitality industry and services, in general, are the go-to places, that young adults look for a job. Many times it’s just a part-time job or a source of some extra money for college students. Right now, 38% of workforce on the market is made up by so-called Millennials and Generation Z. The first group is represented by people born in the 80s and 90s and the second one are adults, who don’t remember times before the Internet. In the next decade, it’s expected for the number to grow to 58%. What does it mean?

Living online

Even though Millennials and generation Z have some differences, there’s no doubt that they are closer to each other, than any other generations were. Both are very involved in the online world and social media. They are happy to learn about new technologies and some even might say, that they’re addicted to them. We like it or not, we can’t fight this. And if it is a situation we face, the best solution would be to embrace it!

Teachsnap in the social media world

Teachsnap is a combination of things important for young adults in the workplace. Training programs are created in the mobile app and, which makes them very accessible for the employees. They also use the format, that is well-known from social media apps such as Instagram or Snapchat. So there isn’t a chance, that the mobile learning system will be unclear. What is more, Teachsnap can satisfy the need to check the phone. Many people, seeing a new notification, will automatically click it.

Feedback is a key

Good managers remember that a training methods have to be adjusted to the staff’s preferences and qualifications. They should pay attention to the diversifying employee training and giving trainees valuable feedback. Everybody likes praises, no matter the age. The young generations, however, need the response more than others. It gives them quick gratification and inspires them to work harder and self-improve.

All in one place

Teachsnap is not only a tool for creating stories for mobile learning. You can also set up quizzes. They cover the need for feedback, that is not always available in a busy environment. The score at the end of every quiz, gives an opportunity to verify the mistakes and it serves the role of praise. It goes well with the needs of young generations because the training is diverse, always at hand, and allows us to use the technology people know and like.

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